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Our History

Open Book Systems, Inc. (OBS) began in 1982 as Editorial, Inc., a print-based publishing services company and book packager. OBS is a privately held, independent publishing services company. In the early years of the Internet, we shifted focus toward desktop publishing and proprietary software development—thereby learning about the potential disconnect between a publisher’s needs and the solutions technology offers. OBS has experience on both sides of the print/electronic divide and can speak both languages—but our motivation and inspiration come from the publishers and educators who produce and refine content.

We’ve helped authors, publishers, educational institutions, and medical, financial, and government organizations develop and deploy custom publishing strategies—both print and electronic—to maximize their content’s mission and/or earning potential, as well as increase their own productivity.

OBS was incorporated in 1994 as Online BookStore (OBS), Ltd. In 1996, Online BookStore became Open Book Systems, Inc., when we realized that the value of content is contained not only in the printed books—the physical containers—but also, and perhaps more so, in the content itself.

In 2013, OBS received official certification as a Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This WBE certification uniquely qualifies OBS to bid on state and federal contracts set aside for companies like ours.

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