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Content Management

Maintaining file management and version control are tricky enough on paper—keeping track of digital content is an even bigger challenge. Years of experience in digital publishing have taught us that a standardized, streamlined backend is crucial to the success of your publishing program. We work with our partners to modify existing workflows and identify, customize, and implement systems for content management.

Content Management System (CMS) can help you

  • Collaborate with your colleagues while sharing files in the cloud
  • Keep track of different versions and file formats
  • Set permissions for customized user access
  • Maintain a centralized repository for your digital content

Digital Asset Management Systems (DAMS) can streamline access to your content—in any format

  • Graphics such as photographs and book covers
  • Digital objects and multimedia
  • Metadata and business rules

Learning Management System (LMS)

As classrooms move online at a faster and faster pace, it becomes critical for publishers to make their content more fungible for easier integration into online systems. Twentieth century display-only, static books are rapidly giving way to more fluid content solutions. Standards-based mark-up and tagging can make the difference between a book that’s left on the shelf, and one that inter-operates with other content in a modern online classroom.

Translation Memory System (TMS)

The Internet opens up the global scope of today’s publishing market. Just as “selling direct” has become more and more the norm for Internet-savvy publishers, so too can publishers leverage more control over their “foreign rights.” Translation memory in a cloud-based environment allows publishers to build and store vocabularies in multiple languages as their content is translated. A standard TMS allows you to

  • Centralize your translation work to a single, cloud-based repository
  • Set permissions for customized access—a translator, for example, can only access the title he or she is working on
  • Save and store translated glossaries specific to your content, reducing future per-word translation costs and increasing accuracy as the vocabularies grow

OBS can help with the software install, training, and support to make your transition to cloud-based file management seamless. Contact us today to learn more.