Proprietary Software & Customized Open Source (OS)

OBS has a long track record both in proprietary software development and customization of open source software. Frequently employing Agile methodology, we collaborate closely with our clients to ensure they are satisfied. Here are a few examples of our work:

  • Custom, proprietary databases for publishers, schools, libraries, and research institutions
  • Design, population, and management of print and online shopping carts. See, for example, this online print catalog complete with its own shopping cart, which links to a complementary e-book catalog offering electronic access to content
  • Interactive learning software for professionals in early childhood development (Proprietary)

Software development and customization begins with a discussion about your needs and goals. From there, OBS puts together a team of trusted technology partners to design, build, test, and implement your unique project. Contact us today to set up a preliminary consult at no cost or obligation.